principais artigos da AAA para ler

Os artigos abaixo estão livres para a leitura sem qualquer cobrança de valores. O que é uma boa notícia. Esperamos que toda a produção algum dia seja também acessível sem custos para estudantes e pesquisadores. Façam bom proveito e boa leitura!

American Anthropologist   American Ethnologist
Body Ritual among the Nacirema   Reflections on #Occupy Everywhere: Social
media, public space, and emerging logics
of aggregation
Annals of Anthropological Practice   Anthropology & Education Quarterly
Neuroanthropology and its Applications: An Introduction   Who's Coming to My Party? Peer Talk as
a Bridge to Oral Language Proficiency
Anthropology and Humanism   Anthropology News
Violence and Recreation: Vacationing in the Realm of Dark Tourism   Anthropology as a Sustainability Science
Anthropology of Consciousness   Anthropology of Work Review
Ayahuasca as Antidepressant? Psychedelics and Styles of Reasoning in Psychiatry   Can a Plantation be Fair? Paradoxes and Possibilities in Fair Trade Darjeeling Tea Certification 
Archeological Papers of the AAA   City & Society
Gender, Households, and Society: An Introduction   Insurgent Citizenship in an Era of Global Urban Peripheries
Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment   Ethos
Development, Land Use, and Collective
Trauma: The Marcellus Shale Gas Boom
in Rural Pennsylvania
  What a Dog Can Do: Children with Autism and Therapy Dogs in Social Interaction
General Anthropology Bulletin   The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology
Modern Human Origins   The Mysterious Maya of National Geographic
Journal of Linguistic Anthropology   Medical Anthropology Quarterly
“What's in Your Lunch Box Today?”: Health, Respectability, and Ethnicity in the Primary Classroom   The “Childhood Obesity Epidemic”
Museum Anthropology   North American Dialogue
THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL: Museum Displays and the Creation of Knowledge   Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights,
and the New War on the Poor
PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review   Transforming Anthropology
Studying Up Revisited   Telling the Story Straight: Black Feminist Intellectual Thought in Anthropology
Visual Anthropology Review    
Mediajourneys: Looking at People, Looking for People
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